Employee of the Month

Kaye Hunter, our exceptional music teacher, is the employee of the month for WCES. During this year of COVID-19, she has tried to make things as "normal" as possible for all our students - both traditional and virtual students. In addition to her weekly music classes, she has continued to have our yearly grade-level performances for special days, such as Grandparents Day and Veterans Day. Our traditional students are socially distanced in the gym and wear their masks while singing. Their performance is recorded. Our virtual students are recorded singing via Zoom. Both recordings are then posted to our school Facebook page, so family and friends can enjoy the performances. In addition to singing, Mrs. Hunter also incorporates art in her lessons. The students drew pictures and wrote notes to veterans. Some were taken to students' family members who are veterans or are in the military. Most were delivered to veterans at the Tennessee Veterans Home in Clarksville. Mrs. Hunter says, "When my career is over, if I've taught our students music skills, that is fine. What I'm most proud of is instilling in them the importance of respect, kindness and compassion for others, especially those in need.