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Teachers of the Year recognized
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Friday, April 20, 2018
The 2017-2018 Cheatham County Teachers of the Year
The 2017-2018 Cheatham County Teachers of the Year

The Cheatham County School District celebrated 13 exceptional educators on Thursday, April 19 at the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year banquet.

Each school selected a Teacher of the Year, who was honored at the banquet.

The Teacher of the Year program recognizes teachers who exceed expectations to provide meaningful and rewarding learning experiences for Cheatham County students.

To be selected as a school-level Teacher of the Year is a significant honor because they are selected by their peers.

The school-level Teachers of the Year are:

• Ashland City Elementary School: Kristin McQueen

• East Cheatham Elementary School: Melissa Barr

• Kingston Springs Elementary School: Amy Brown

• Pegram Elementary School: Nathan Anderson

• Pleasant View Elementary School: Amber Pennington

• West Cheatham Elementary School: April Long

• Cheatham Middle School: Megan Hunter

• Harpeth Middle School: Brittney Burgess

• Sycamore Middle School: Matthew Shuff

• Cheatham County Central High School: Susie Kephart

• Harpeth High School: Alesia Beshears (unable to attend)

• Sycamore High School: Maggie Mason

• Riverside Academy: Doug Hungate

In addition, the three district-wide Teachers of the Year were honored at the banquet:

• Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Kristin McQueen, Ashland City Elementary School

• Middle School Teacher of the Year: Matthew Shuff, Sycamore Middle School

• High School Teacher of the Year: Maggie Mason, Sycamore High School.